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1. Brazil

The Port of Belém, in Pará, is located near the mouth of the Tocantins, one of the tributaries of the Amazon. Accompanying the boatmen through these waters reveals a lush landscape, showing off the diversity of ingredients to be found at the Ver-o-Peso market.

2. Japan

How can you find a moment of peace in the heart of Tokyo, one of the world’s most populous metropolises? The contrast between the serenity of the restaurant Narisawa and the bustle of the streets of the Japanese capital helps us to explain and feel a part of the Japanese soul.

3. Argentina

By the evening, the beef ribs are ready to be brought to the table. The roast has gone on for hours and has turned out well thanks to the attentions of the gauchos from La Bamba de Areco, in San Antonio de Areco. With this video you can feel like another of the gaucho.

4. Denmark

The new Noma 2.0 is far from an old-fashioned restaurant. It takes up an entire island and, when fully complete, will cover 11 buildings surrounded by an 2100m2 allotment. There are dining rooms and kitchens, but also labs and greenhouses, and you can see them as if you were there yourself.

5. Morocco

The city of Fez is Morocco’s third largest. It was founded in the 9th century and soon became a centre of spirituality and culture. Over the centuries, Fez has remained the country’s capital of art and science. These are the surroundings where chef Najat Kaanache draws her inspiration from.

6. Greece

Crete is a good place to see how the links uniting the cuisine and the landscape are reflected on the table. In the bay of Balos we can connect with the more maritime soul of the island which merges with its countrified spirit by the sand of the beach.