The gastronomy of tomorrow

Apart is a monographic magazine directed by worldwide gastronomic personalities in the role of guest directors, who work side by side with the CUINA magazine team. The first number was directed by Ferran Adrià, while the Roca brothers were responsible for the second number. For the third issue, we have counted on the expertise of the chefs of the Disfrutar restaurant: Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas.

In each issue, Apart wants to open a window to the gastronomy of the future seen through the eyes of the guest directors. And, beyond the paper, Apart was born with the vocation to connect with all the technological innovations that allow it to explore new ways of bringing contemporary cuisines from around the world closer to its readers.

Apart was born in Barcelona, ​​epicenter of the revolution that built the pillars of the new haute gastronomy of the 21st century. Apart is nourished by this spirit with the desire to share it globally with all food lovers.